Planks Sticks Torches Crafting Table Furnace Chest


Ore Blocks Glowstone Wool TNT Slabs Stairs Snow Clay Brick Stone Brick Bookshelf Sandstone Melon Block Jack-O-Lantern Redstone Lamp Quartz Block Netherbrick Hay Bale Stained Clay Granite Andesite Diorite Polished Granite Polished Andesite Polished Diorite Prismarine Prismarine Bricks Dark Prismarine Sea Lantern Coarse Dirt Slime Block Moss Stone Mossy Stone Brick Chiseled Stone Brick


Axe Pickaxe Shovel Hoe Bucket Compass Clock Fishing Rod Shears Flint and Steel Lead


Sword Bow Arrow


Helm Chestplate Leggings Boots


Minecart Powered Minecart Storage Minecart Rail Powered Rail Detector Rail Boat Activator Rail Hopper Minecart TNT Minecart


Door Trapdoor Pressure Plate Stone Button Redstone Torch Lever Piston Sticky Piston Note Block Jukebox Dispenser Redstone Repeater Tripwire Hook Daylight Sensor Redstone Comparator Dropper Hopper Trapped Chest Weighted Pressure Plate


Bone Meal Light Gray Gray Rose Red Orange Dandelion Yellow Lime Light Blue Cyan Purple Magenta Pink


Bowl Mushroom Stew Bread Sugar Cake Cookie Melon Seeds Golden Apple Golden Carrot Pumpkin Pie Rabbit Stew


Painting Sign Ladders Paper Book Map Fence Fence Gate Iron Bars Glass Panes Bed Gold Ingot Bottle Blaze Powder Magma Cream Fermented Spider Eye Brewing Stand Enchantment Table Cauldron Eye of Ender Glistering Melon Fire Charge Ender Chest Book and Quill Beacon Anvil Flower Pot Cobblestone Walls Item Frame Carrot on a Stick Firework Star Firework Rocket Carpet Stained Glass Pane Leather

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